Healthy Vending in Orlando

As children continue to consume fatty foods from the vending machines at local schools, gyms and recreation centers, they do irreparable damage to their bodies that can come back to haunt them down the road.

According to The New York Times, experts said that “school vending machines stocked with potato chips, cookies and sugary soft drinks had contributed to the childhood obesity rate, which has more than tripled in the last 30 years.

But the buck doesn’t stop with children. Adults also make the conscious decision to indulge in junk food every day at work.

Whether you’re a school administrator or an office manager, you owe it to those you serve to provide healthier food and drink options in your vending machines. Lucky for you, Premium Healthy Vending offers free delivery, installation and service of healthy vending machines at no extra cost to the business owner. Healthy eating in Orlando has never been simpler!

As the leading provider of Orlando Healthy Vending, we pride ourselves on food quality as well as customer service. We offer the widest range of healthy food and drink products in the area, in addition to 24-hour customer care.

We’ve learned firsthand that running a business requires hard work and commitment. While you focus on keeping your customers satisfied, we’ll focus on keeping your employees happy and healthy. Take advantage of our free, full-service program and secure your vending machine today!

Speaking of machines, some companies use outdated equipment that requires constant repair. But not us! All our machines meet ADA standards and come with iVend guaranteed product delivery. Plus, they have cashless payment options like iPay and Google Pay. All you have to do is touch your phone and go.

It’s becoming more and more common for human resource departments to implement wellness programs and for schools to turn to healthier vending options. Don’t remain stagnant while others make these needed changes. Call on the Orlando Vending experts to help you make the transition to a healthy workplace.

The best part about working with us is that there’s no contract, no commitment and no hassle. We let our superior service speak for itself. You won’t want to work with anyone else once you experience the difference that is Premium Healthy Vending!

Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality food and beverage, the most reliable machinery and – most importantly – the customer-service experience of a lifetime. Help us encourage healthy eating in Orlando! Simply fill out the form below to get started.

Tom Michaelis
Premium Healthy Vending

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