Healthy Vending Options

Did you know that workplace illnesses and injuries cost US businesses more than $225 billion every year? This statistic from NBC News is a shocking truth.

“As a working professional, your personal wellness is in your best interest — for reasons beyond the obvious,” says NBC News. “Healthy employees are happier, more motivated and less costly (due to decreased health insurance costs and less absenteeism).”

One way to help ensure the mental and physical well-being of your employees is by providing healthy vending options in the workplace.

Nourishing foods can be hard to come by in office breakrooms. In most cases, employees are forced to leave the vicinity in search of healthy food and drinks. But should they really be forced to choose between consuming fatty foods and driving to the nearest Whole Foods? Bring the food they crave straight to them!

At Premium Healthy Vending, we’re dedicated to changing the workplace dining experience. We offer delivery, installation and service of healthy vending machines in the Orlando area, at no extra cost to business owners.

“Putting a spin on your corporate culture and changing the types of food you bring in could help people make healthier decisions throughout the day,” NBC News reports. Why not give it a try?

With our free full-service program, you’re also guaranteed 24-hour customer care. If your machine is running low on products or requires maintenance, we’ll send a representative to your business right away, no questions asked. We’re even available to answer basic questions about your equipment around the clock. Orlando Healthy Vending doesn’t get any better than this!  

Our machines meet all ADA requirements and come equipped with iVend guaranteed product delivery. And no longer do you need a wallet full of cash to enjoy a delicious snack! We make purchasing easy with cashless payment options like iPay and Google Pay.

When you work with the Orlando Vending experts, you do right by your employees and your business. The entire office will remain energized and honed in on the tasks at hand, and individuals will actively improve their health.

In case you aren’t sold just yet, let us fill you in on a little secret: At Premium Healthy Vending, there’s no contract or commitment required. That’s a testament to our superior snacks and customer care. We’re supremely confident in our services, and we think you will be too.

If you’re looking to bring healthy vending options to your company, look no further than Premium Healthy Vending! Simply fill out the form below, and get a brand-new vending machine delivered to your doorstep today.

Tom Michaelis
Premium Healthy Vending

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